Monday, June 05, 2006

No News Is NOT Good News

The old saying No news is good news is probably the WORST saying ever! Right now the lack of information or news from China is not a good thing. It would help if we just had some small idea of how things are going to progress. Our agency says nothing. They won't even speculate. They sent out an update which contained absolutely nothing new and useful for us. Hmmm.... just some little morsel is all that we need.

While following our different dtc/lid groups I see others are feeling the same frustration. I hate to see others hurting. I guess we should find some solace in knowing that we are not alone.. but so many people are just so frustrated.

We are very blessed to have our boys. Many of these families are waiting for their first child. As difficult as this wait is, we do have our sons. I am so glad I didn't complete the nursery months ago. I would like to get it better under control now, but worry that I am just setting myself up for staring at a completed and empty nursery.

Lately I have felt that Madeline is somewhere waiting. For some reason I feel like she is alive and either in a SWI or with a foster family. Maybe that is why some of this is exacerbated. Thinking that we are waiting and she is waiting and this timeline is non existent is..... perplexing.

I am ready for some news, any news.... just accurate news. Someone, somewhere must know something.

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