Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back to Work

I just completed my first week back to work. It was actually okay. The kids spent the week with my parents. They were soooo good! Madeline was the supreme trooper. She didn't cry even once when I left for work each morning. I know having her brothers with her had to help. I am really hoping that she will do all right when she heads back to daycare on Monday. She is such a good girl. I only cried twice all week.

The boys had "Meet the Teacher" on Wednesday. James was all cool and collected. Heading to 5th grade is pretty awesome. He thinks he is so big! Riley was beyond excited about kindergarten. He was nervous, anxious, happy and just bouncy! He is just over the moon about heading to Kindergarten. He LOVED meeting his teacher. He already knew his teacher, so that wasn't new... but knowing that this was HIS kindergarten room was HUGE to him. It was adorable.

We are having a few adjustment problems with waking up so early and trying to get breakfast in before heading out the door. This year I have to be at work at 7:30 am. That is not easy. James is independent, so he is easy. Riley is NOT a morning person. He takes som time and attention. Madeline wakes up so happy, but just not ready to eat or anything. I am going to have to come up with breakfast ideas I can take int he car with us for the youngest two. We will find our way. It may just take a few weeks to find the right routine.

Now... on to a confession... I am sitting here typing and watching High School Musical 2. I am embracing my inner dork. I have a feeling these songs will end up on James' iPod very soon.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Girl's Night Out!

Oh yes! Last night was Girl's Night Out! A group of us from the neighborhood decided to have our own night out. Now, we have done things before... like meeting at one person's home to play pictionary or have... ummm... beverages. BUT.. this was our first official night out.

We all met at A's home. We hopped in her SUV and were off to Wasabi. Wasabi is a Japanese steak house. I can describe my meal in one word. YUM! We had so much fun sitting around the table laughing and talking while the guy cooking threw things around the room. We knew it was all his schtick for the job, but it was somewhat freeing knowing food was getting tossed around the room and none of us had to pick it up! I tried to get everyone to use chopsticks. Only two of us made through the entire meal using them. The rice was the deal breaker for the others. We spent about 2 hours sitting around that table chatting away.

After dinner we headed off to one of those pottery places where you pick a piece and paint away. I have to pause here for a confession:

I am artistically challenged. I can barely draw a stick figure without someone
thinking it is a tree. So, decorating a platter with my handiwork... a little

I picked out a rectangular serving tray... about 15" x 6". Then it hit me! I remembered seeing a piece in my sorority "magazine" about "Things We Love". They showed a plate decorated with roses and such. It was cute. Now... I had my vision, but still no artistic talent. Lo and behold, I found a stamp for a rose! (This is where you would hear the heavenly music playing and the bright light would be illuminating the pottery saving stamper, guiding me down the path to pottery bliss.)

Well, wouldn't you know, I think I am going to like what I made. Heck! I even thought about going back and making one for my best friend, and pledge sister, K. Now, I absolutely drew nothing of my own on said platter. I didn't even write a single word. I just painted the colors on that stamper and stamped away. I was sitting there thinking... Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello and Rafael have nothing on me. (and NO I don't mean the TMNT gang!) I felt like a bonfide artist creating a masterpiece. Voila!! I am woman hear me roar! I can stamp an image onto a platter!! Wooohooo!

We had a blast. We laughed and talked, critiqued and praised. What a great time with friends.

Who knows what the finished, fired, products will look like. Honestly, I don't really care. It was just such a great time. There is something about spending time with friends that just makes all of the things that drive you nuts all day vanish away for a few hours. This was just what the doctor ordered. It gave me a little mental vacation from all of my "worries".

I can't wait until we do it again.

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Well, believe it or not, I head back to work tomorrow! I can't believe it! The time has truly flown by. To be honest, it is breaking my heart. I absolutely LOVE being home with my children. They just lighten up my life in a way I could have only dreamed.

The last few weeks have been full of fun. We drove to Blue Ridge, GA and stayed in a magnificient cabin in the mountains. It was such a great time. My parents arranged the entire trip. I think they enjoyed the time we all spent together as a family as much as we did. I will try to post some pictures soon.

On our way home from Georgia we headed back to Walt Disney World. We spent 4 fun days playing, swimming, shopping and laughing. We stayed at the Fort Wilderness Lodge for the first time. It was very nice. It was so much larger than the Port Orleans, French Quarter where we usually stay. We enjoyed the change of scenery, but will head back to the French Quarter next summer.

The pool at the hotel was great. I think the slide was the favorite. We could see the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom at the resort beach area. We took a boat from our hotel to the Magic Kingdom. The kids loved it!

I think this has been the best summer we have had in years. We kept very busy. I attribute this to living where we do. Moving was the best for our family in regards to getting and being involved. Where we lived previously we lived on a street... wonderful neighbors and such... but now we live in a community. We participate in community activities. We have spent countless hours at the clubhouse pool and playground. We have played tennis and just enjoyed traveling all over the place in our golf cart. It has really been a great summer.

James had his appointment at Shriner's Hospital yesterday. I am so impressed! It was his first visit and BOY did they do it all. He had x-rays taken, Dr. visit, and molds made of his feet. He will get his orthotics in three weeks! It is such a gift to have this available to us. Our insurance was covering very little of James' care. Shriner's accepts NO money. They cover everything until the child turns 18. If you have a Shriner's Hospital in your area, please consider supporting them.

Well, I have rambled for long enough. I will try to post pictures soon! I have not downloaded anything from our trip yet.

Congratulations to all of the families who recently received referrals. It was so exciting to see so many BOYS!!!!