Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 3- Moving Forward

Friday came. The first thing scheduled this morning was the all convention photo. Everyone was to wear red and white. I got up first thing in the morning, grabbed my suitcase and headed out the door. A HUGE storm hit on my way to convention. The rain was intense. The ride that was supposed to take me about 35 minutes. It ended up taking me over 90 minutes! I missed the photo and the Chatty Cathy photo after that. I was disappointed but thankful that I arrived safely at the hotel.

I checked into the hotel and went up to my room. I only stayed in the hotel two of the four nights of convention.

Friday was a good day. Business meetings were... ummm... interesting. Amending, amended, amendments. Big fun! Ha! A wonderful Adventures in Sisterhood Luncheon was enjoyed. I LOVED hearing the PIP stories. I was fortunate to be able to spend a little time with Peg Crawford and reminisce about the time we spent together at Gamma Theta back in 1985 and 1986. She is such an amazingly charming, and energetic woman! I wish I had 1/10th of her strength and energy! The time I spent with her at IC, I will carry with me forever. She is such a joy.

After the convention activities for the day were done, a group of Gamma Theta's headed out for the evening. We went to Stump's for dinner. It was so nice! Several sisters who live locally, but did not attend convention joined us for dinner. After dinner, we headed over to Howl At The Moon for some laughs, conversation and drinks. It was so neat to see so many gathered with a common history. The 25th Anniversary for Gamma Theta Installation is a year from September. Maybe this IC convention will be the proper catalyst to make the anniversary a big, wonderful experience shared by many.

Friday certainly made up for the difficult day on Thursday. I am glad I continued to push ahead.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Did They Share the Adventure? - Day 2

Day Two... not really sure what to write. I can't believe today happened the way it did. It was not what I expected but more what I feared.

I have been waffling back and forth as to what to write. You see, today was... difficult. I don't regret going to IC today. I am glad I went. I just had an experience that taught me a lot... and showed the side of me I like to hide.

I was alone in a room full of sisters.

Maybe I will explain more later. Maybe I won't.

I have faith that tomorrow will be better.

Day 1... did it Exceed the Expectation?

Wednesday morning came fast. I had not slept well. I was too excited. I got up, got dressed... looked kinda cute too..ha!... and headed out the door. I could not believe I was actually heading to IC! WOW!! I had seen countless pictures of Conventions gone by. I had read countless stories from the past. The images came flooding into my head with eager anticipation. It was strange... similar to all of those goofy feelings we have as anxious kids going to a new friend's house for the first time.

I arrived at the hotel and gingerly went upstairs to check in. I was handed some papers and sent to another location to get the rest of my materials for the week. I hustled over to my "mailbox" and peeked inside, unsure of what treasures would lie inside.


I was shocked and pleased to find that 6 different people... only one who I knew personally, had honored me with Rose Tributes. I could not believe it! Heck, I had only heard a little about what these were up to now... and here I was at my first IC being so surprised. What a fantastic way to start the day!

As the day progressed, things went well. I volunteered for 2 hours working on making preparations for the candle lighting ceremony that evening. It was nice to be able to participate in such a unique and special way. Then, I went to a meeting for Corp. Boards. It was neat to be surrounded by others who volunteer their time in a similar way. I learned a lot.. and found the dialogue interesting.

I was two for two for the day.

During the day I met two sisters who I had only previously known online. They were warm, gracious and spent some time with me. It was nice. I felt I had begun to make friends. I now KNEW people at convention. I was no longer worried about being awkward and alone in a room full of sisters. I talked to people. I moved out of my comfort zone of being insecure and just did it! I ended the day by attending the candle lighting ceremony. It was so special... something I had never seen before.

Day One was a success. I could not wait to see what Day Two would hold for me. I went home feeling strong, happy and relieved.

I felt renewed in my bonds to AOII.

IC Part One

Well, it is IC week. I have been looking forward to this for two years. Two years ago I envisioned this experience quite differently than reality has caused it to be. Life changes. It twists and turns in unexpected directions. It is to be expected. I spent countless hours scouring the malls for everything I needed to make sure I had exactly what I needed... one white outfit - Check, one LBD - Check, business attire - check, white close toed shoes - check.......

On Tuesday night I could barely sleep. I was excited, nervous and hoping for a wonderful time. I ran around the house making preparations for the days ahead.

For being a member of AOII for 23 years, this was my first convention. I had no idea what to expect. I just wanted to take it all in, meet people and enjoy the time.

What happened next I could never have imagined.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Kids

This is what they do when I am out of my classroom in the mornings for meetings.

My sweet baby girl and her new glasses.   She LOVES them!  She said her eyes work now!  They are purple.  According to Miss M. the princesses wear purple glasses.  Gotta love her!