Tuesday, June 27, 2006

That Feeling....

Do you know that feeling you get Thanksgiving night? You know.. tired, happy, full.... well that is exactly how I felt last night after spending a TON of time on line yesterday watching referrals post. It is such a day of exhilaration!

I am not really sure why this one was such a big deal to me, but it was. It ended up being a very important day. You see, 5 families from our agency were referred boys. At least one of the families had not requested a boy at all!! Boy, did that bring back memories!!!

Today I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to talk to this family on the phone. I could let them know that someone really understands what they are going through. I could let K talk and listen.... remembering as if it were yesterday, to what is was like going through the phone call that changed everything.

Some families request either and are very surprised at the referral of a son. To request a daughter only, no either, and to be referred a son just turns your world upside down. No one can understand this unless you have lived it. In some ways the phone call with K was very therapeutic for me. I was able to go through this process with someone else and realize that overall, we handled our shocker, two years ago VERY well.

I feel lucky to have been able to hopefully bring a few minutes of understanding and comfort to someone going through a traumatic experience.... and it is traumatic!!

K and S are now members of a very elite club.

Welcome!! It is a great place to be!!

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