Sunday, March 25, 2007

Two Weeks Down... one to go

I have completed two weeks back to work. Yuck and Yeah. Okay.. the yuck is... I miss my baby! I truly do. I just want to be home being Mama. I do like my work.... I really just pales in comparison to being a mother. Going back to work has been much more difficult than I ever imagined. I really did not see this coming at all. It has kind of knocked me out of my boots, so to speak.

The Yeah part is that after this week is Spring Break. DH has his Spring Break this week so he will play SAHD this week. Next week I get to be HOME!! Woohoo!!! After Spring Break I have 7 weeks of work before a 12 week Summer. 12 WEEKS HOME!!! I have already started to make our Summer plans. We have booked 5 days at Disney... theme parks, character dining, swimming, FAMILY time!! I can't wait!! I think knowing that is planned may help me to focus over the next two months.

The boys are doing great. I think they are very happy to have me back at school. Teaching at the same school that both of them attend is the absolute biggest perk. I get to see them both during the day... a little wave, a blown kiss... nice. It certainly helps to push aside the Missing Maddie Blues for a few minutes.

I have been avoiding blogging about my feelings the past two weeks since I have been in such a funk. I know it is only going to get better... and if I am supposed to be a SAHM it will happen.

By the way... I really appreciate the support of all of my blogging friends. What a special little world it is. I have "met" some of the most outstanding people since I started blogging. What a special, unforeseen gift.


Jeff and Valerie said...

So glad to see things are looking up!! I am praying for a good rest of the school year for you and your family. Take care!

Mommy Spice said...

I was a full time teacher for 10 years before adopting spicy girl. I can't imagine going back to work and being away from her, however, I bet it really helps having your boys there with you. And the wonderful part of teaching is the time off. Disney will be awesome. I bet your boys are really excited.