Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I think I changed in an inexplicable way on March 9, 2004.

I realized that my view of my future and the true direction of my life may not match - and that is okay.

I love all of my children. Riley, from the first day, has been different.

Every aspect of his life is ..... unexpected.
Every turn, for him, is unique.
He has no golden tickets or free rides.

You must earn his love, trust and acceptance.
He does not give these out freely.
He listens to everything... even when playing - comprehending things way beyond his years.

He is acutely aware that his life is full of challenges.

He understands individuality.
He challenges.
He confronts.
He fights.

Without all of these -
*he wouldn't have survived being left
*he wouldn't be able to talk
*he wouldn't love his family fiercely
*he wouldn't ride his bike with feet on the handlebars.. wind on his face
*he wouldn't laugh from the heart

Riley is a champion.. He overcomes adversity. He faces life's challenges head-on. He is the strongest person I have ever met.

I am a better person, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and teacher because of the lessons Riley has taught me.

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