Monday, April 07, 2008

Busy Boy

Riley is a very busy boy. This has been true since the day we first held him. He loves to be active... run, climb, jump, you name it. He is one tiny little dynamo. He is a solid muscle from head to toe with close to no body fat. He is one lean, mean, playing machine.

All of that is great.... when he is HEALTHY. These are currently the curses of childhood after surgery.

Riley does not understand that he can't jump from the couch onto the floor and land and roll across the room with two sets of stitches in him.

Oh yes, my boy is feeling better... but not slowing down. He is still limping along when he walks. He feels the pain and discomfort... but he is a kid! He wants to run and play and jump and wrestle.

The two new Leapster games have been a blessing. The new DVD's have been a God-send. The new 100 piece puzzles have been a great time killer!

So, today I will head out to try to purchase a few more new activities to keep Mr. Ri busy and calm.

Riley is one busy boy and I wouldn't want him any other way. I just want him to heal and not hurt.

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