Friday, May 02, 2008

Big Success

I was in charge of planning our school-wide spaghetti dinner. I have spent many, many hours over the past two months getting this thing organized. I did everything for this event. We even presold tickets. So, going in to the dinner last night we had sold 174 meals. My principal said she thought we may end up with about 250 total. In our initial conversations she had said to plan for 300. I planned for 450. (I had this big fear of running out of food.)

Sooo... from about 10 minutes before we were due to start serving the line started. It was unbelieveable!! The line was so long. I couldn't believe it. We, literally served food non-stop up until the time of the scheduled ending of the dinner. It ws crazy! I could not wait to find out how many meals we served and how much money we raised. I was inside the kitchen all night so I had no way of knowing how sales were going. I just had to try to guess based on the line.

Our grand total was: 385 meals!! We raised over $1600!!! I can't believe it!!! Never in a million years did I think that would happen. A nice extra, also, was that I planned for over 400 people so all of the volunteers got to eat for free at the end of the night! We ended up serving 35 volunteers, too.

The sales and money were exciting, but I have to tell you the most thrilling part of the entire event. Everytime I asked someone to help with something last night... even the yucky tasks like washing dishes and sweeping... everyone, I mean EVERYONE stepped up happily and willingly to help. I couldn't believe it. No one ran for cover when they saw me approach. No one complained. Everyone was positive and perky... ready and willing. It was fantastic!!

I have never planned something like this before. Honestly, it is a ton of work. I am so relieved and happy. It was a huge success... and to think that I did this is amazing. As silly as it sounds, I am proud of myself.

I never want to eat spaghetti again in my life!! hahaha.... That stuff causes insurmountable stress!!!

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