Saturday, August 27, 2005

LID arrived... later than expected

Well, we finally received our LID. It seems that our dossier sat in China for a month and two days before it was logged in. Our official LID is August 24th. I am so dismayed and disheartened by this, Never before have I heard of this happening. I do like our agency, but can't help but wonder if somewhere the ball was dropped. We found out on 8/25 our LID. That is also very strange. Usually it takes 6-8 weeks to receive your date after your dossier is logged in. Oh well... it is completely out of our hands.

I did write a few emails to our agency asking about the delay. We, of course, received the canned response that they are only allowed to give. They did say it was still possible to receive our referral for Madeline in February. I just don't see that happening. Mathematically it doesn't add up unless China speeds up the referral process by including more than a months worth of referrals at some point in time.

We are thinking a March referral, with travel in May is probably more realistic. It would be nice to be a little earlier, but know that Madeline will be there waiting for us if we travel in April or May and she will be absolutely the right child for our family.

Now... the house just needs to be completed so I can start on her room! Well... with the delay I have more time than I originally thought. We should move in to the new house in November. I can't imagine starting anything until after Riley's birthday in January. We have James' birthday in November, Thanksgiving, Christmas, (football games), New Year's and then Riley's birthday in January. I think we need to get those taken care of before I start Madeline's room.... though I would LOVE to start it NOW!!

Cross your fingers that the next 6-7 months fly by so we can bring our daughter home.

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