Saturday, June 17, 2006

Amazingly Crazy Week

Well, it has been quite a busy week. Everyone had "things" planned.

James tested for his orange belt in karate and passed with flying colors. He just LOVES karate. He takes it so seriously. He practices and puts on demonstrations at home. What a cutie! James has also taken over our old portable CD player. He struts his stuff around the house, bopping to the music. He is growing up far too fast!

Riley had a physical this week. At his last appointment he was not on the charts in the weight department and was almost to the 10th percentile in height. He is now in the 25th percentile for both! Woohoo! He has also decided that it is fun to try to back flip off the couch. As I run, clutching my chest from anxiety after him, he sticks the landing. He is such a crazy dare devil!

Jerry put in for another promotion. Boy he wants this one big time! It would be a suit and tie job. I think he would be perfect for the position... I know I am prejudice, but I really believe it. He is a nervous wreck. Of course it doesn't help that is he working two jobs right now and exhausted. He really needs to take a few days off of his night job before the interview to recharge. I am keeping my fingers crossed for him.

Yesterday was our 16th wedding anniversary. CRAZY!! We have been together for 20 years this month as well. I don't know how we are old enough to have been together this long??? In some regards it doesn't seem possible.. in others I can't really remember a time when we weren't together. We are going out tonight on a "date" to celebrate. Kids are going to grandparents home for a few hours.

I will be spending 4 days this upcoming week with my new school. I am terrified!! I guess I am actually doing this. After teaching in the same district for 16 years I can't believe I have the courage to make this change. I am looking forward to meeting the people I will be working with. I am hoping we will get a floor plan of the new school and find out where our classrooms will be located. Super exciting opening a new building. Maybe I may even make a friend! Now, that would be nice. I just don't know anyone around here. We have been here for 6 months but with traveling 55 miles each way to work each day, I had not had the opportunity to meet people. I am hoping this changes.

We made it through Alberto with some wind and a lot of much needed rain. The grass is actually looking healthy! Woohoo! I really hope this isn't a chaotic hurricane season. We need to have our summer rains get started, but not the hellish hurricane panics every few weeks.

Well, I have rambled enough...


By the way... rumors are starting to swirl about the next batch of referrals. Personally, I can't even begin to get my hopes up that things will speed up. This wait is terribly depressing. I just hope and pray that whoever is caring for my baby is somehow letting her know that she is loved.

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Julie said...

I just got caught up on your BLOG, you absolutely deserve a tiara, I think you'd make a lovely princess!

PS While I live in GA now I grew up in Tampa and most of my family still lives there!

Julie in Ga LID 7/8