Friday, July 07, 2006

Let's Get This Party Started

I am so excited for the next referrals!! I think I am going to get a big party hat to wear as I sit and rejoice this next bunch!

Maybe I am crazy... but I have found this crazy optimism today. I am thinking big numbers and good things for July!

So many people I follow online are due to get referrals this time. It should be fantastic!! From what I have learned about these amazing people... they are going to make awesome parents. They are filled with such life and love that their children are going to be so happy!

I know referral time is a little over two weeks away... but WOW... this next batch should be exciting!! With our August LID... our time is starting to really feel within reach!!

This is the "doable" part of the wait.... when the excitement and wonder starts to grow. I know my little Madeline is alive and waiting for me in China. I know we have so many loved ones watching over her.... just like they did for the Ri-ster.

I am so ready to get this party started!!!!!!!!!!!

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B-squared said...

Hi Mary! I've followed your blog for a long time, but have finally gotten a blogger-ID so I can leave you messages! I totally agree with your post about getting this party started! We are in the homestretch now and will hopefully be meeting in China soon!
Have a great weekend.
Your "old" Aug DTC Secret Pal....