Saturday, November 18, 2006

Starting the Race

We have officially started the race. Our lives have been in hyperdrive since receiving Madeline's referral on November 2nd. We had the big 10th birthday party for James on November 11th. Fun was had by one and all.

Now we are getting ready for Thanksgiving. We have to get the Christmas tree up soon, since we have NO idea when we will be leaving for China. I have been a shopping fool for our trip to China AND for Christmas. If we travel before Christmas, then the big guy is going to make an unannounced visit early. A finely tuned note of explanation by the guy in red should suffice. We have two believers so we must tread carefully.

China shopping has been interesting. I was unable to sleep one night because I was worried I would forget to buy Baby Orajel. Now, why this was such a supreme issue that it made it impossible for me to sleep? No clue. I think I am just so worried about forgetting something important that this stupid one item just drove me nuts.

I have also been shopping for Riley's birthday. His big 5th falls at the beginning of January. We may be in China then... we may have just returned home... who knows. I just know I have to be ready for that, too.

The nursery looks like a suitcase store exploded in it. The suitcases are everywhere. Medicines for travel scattered about. Diapers in ziploc baggies are throw to and fro. Luggage tags, money belts, travel tissues... everywhere. I am a little afraid to go in there and try to make it "better". I think the only way to get it under control right now is just to pack.

We have bought some warmer clothes for the boys, though don't have real winter jackets. Heck, Florida does not get colder than a heavy sweatshirt with an Old Navy fleece over it can handle. We have hats, gloves, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts... one scarf... Florida is NOT the best place to shop for winter wear. Beijing is going to be COLD! Let's hope that we don't freeze our booties off too bad.

We will send off our Visa applications and passports to our agency on Monday. They want them as soon as possible. It is exciting, but sending my passport really scares me. It is my ticket to Miss M. Last time this part bothered me a lot too. I know hundreds of people send them without a problem. I just don't want anything to stop me from getting to China and bringing my sweet baby home.

Well, I am off to rock Riley. He still LOVES when I rock him before bed. He just snuggles in close, rests his head on my shoulder, rubs my back and gives me the best kisses ever. I am one lucky mom!!!


Donna said...

Your house sounds very exciting right now! I'm envious! Those days were so much fun!

Mom x 3
Two are gifts from China
Double Happiness!

Mommy Spice said...

How exciting! I can't wait to be at that point again. Oh, we have a long way to go.

Julie said...

I'm checking everyday so I don't miss the TA celebration have a wonderful Thanksgiving and don't forget the Oragel!!!

Anonymous said...

It's crazy, but fun, eh? Being hyper with a purpose! :-) Our guest room looks a little like your packing room sounds...a bit of this and that everywhere. We are having the opposite of your no-cold-weather-clothes-to-be-found-in-FL problem: we will be in southern China for 2 weeks and it's hard to find any baby clothes here that aren't fleece! Keira will be one hot chick! ;-) Oh well - a great problem to have.
See you soon!

Shana said...

Have wonderful trip & congratulations again!

Shana :)