Thursday, November 09, 2006


Well, our referral acceptance reached our agency yesterday. That means it will be sent to China on Friday. I was so relieved to receive the email that the forms had made their way safe and sound to Texas. We will now wait 3-4 weeks for TA (Travel Approval). In the next few weeks we will work hard to get our huge to do list down to a manageable size. That will be some feat since I am the Queen of All Lists!

We are furiously also trying to get James' birth shopping, holiday shopping and Riley's birthday shopping completed. All three of these events fall between now and January 11th. We should also be leaving for China in the middle of all of this. Talk about craziness. We are just loving every minute, though.

We did celebrate Miss M's birthday on Sunday. We had cake, sang to her and the boys took turns blowing out the one amazing candle. We will have a party for her and Riley when we return from China. Something tells me we may be in China for Christmas and possibly for Riley's birthday as well. I am sure Santa is working on a creative plan to pull this off!

We fall more and more in love with Madeline each and every day. Her pictures just pulls at our heartstrings. I catch myself just staring at this beautiful baby. James and Riley are also completely taken with her pictures. It will be fantastic to have her home in the next two months or so.

Life is good.

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