Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Things We Learned Today

Today we learned several things about our sweet Miss M.
1. She dances when she is happy.
2. The SWI said that anyone who sees her loves her.
3. She loves to be outside.
4. Her favorite toys are a tambourine and a doll.
5. She waves hello to people.
6. She loves to drink fruit juices.
7. She was always fed first when she was younger or she would throw a fit!
8. She likes to be in the walker and take the toys she likes best from others.
9. She has a strong will.
10. She can show clearly when she disapproves.
11. She loves watching T.V.????
12. She makes noises to call for people.
13. Her name Dongfang Yang Yang means Eastern Sun.

Sounds like this little spit fire will fit right in! We are so happy.

James and Riley both brought Madeline's pictures to school to share with their classes. They are both so proud to call her their sister. They love her so much. It is just an amazing thing to watch your children fall in love with their new sister.

I truly have Three Miracles.

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B-squared said...

Wow! I can see why you are in love. Just think, only a few more weeks and you'll get to see your daughter!