Friday, December 01, 2006

24 Hours Later

Well, it has been over 24 hours since we heard the horrible news that our TA had not arrived. It seems I am losing more and more faith in our agency by the minute. I sent three separate emails to them today and received NO response. I guess the tough questions are just too tough to answer.

We are now being told that the gentleman at CCAA is on a business trip, not vacation. Interesting. We are also being told that he will be out of the office until the end of next week. Hmmmm Finally, we were told that this is not a delay, but keeps us on track with their original prediction of our travel dates. What???? HUH???? So, I guess the fact that the other oh.... almost 60 familes who received TA's are off and we, who are being told that no one knows when we might receive our TA's are right???? That is just ludicrous. We are also being told this wait for TA is a good thing. It will give us time to get all of our paperwork in order. Okay... that part really insulted me. I mean, COME ON!!! Don't they realize that we would walk through FIRE in order to bring our children home?? Don't they understand that we would push, shove, kick, and mostly PRAY to make sure everything was done by TOMORROW if they could get us on a plane. Waiting to leave until AFTER our travel group returns home with their children is NOT A GOOD THING.

Now, I have spent a LOT of time thinking and talking and praying on this dilemma. I have decided that there is nothing I can do about this craziness.... but... I don't have to pretend that I believe we are hearing the whole story. The parts just don't add up.

So.... tomorrow I will have an amazing baby shower hosted by my best friend from college. I will pick myself up by my bootstraps and smile and be happy. I will celebrate my new daughter with my friends. Tomorrow will be all about the amazing little miracle in China who has no idea how much love is waiting for her.


My amazing miracle
beautiful and true
guarded by angels in heaven
our love will always shine through

Know that you are loved
and always in our prayers
soon you will be in our arms
no longer living in despair.

You are our precious daughter
Our third miracle bold and strong
Madeline our beautiful baby
Your wait will not be very long.


Time stand still
Life moves on
steady and certain
never ending
blessed and ordained


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your referral. If you are interested in obtaining your daughter's finding ad, please pay us a visit. The ads have photos that are usually several months earlier than the referral photos.

Have a safe trip bringing your darling home!

Brian Stuy

Kennedy's mom said...

I'm so sorry about all this. It's difficult enough with all the waiting, but when you are expecting you TA and get left out? That is frustrating. Not getting any answers from your agency is frustrating too. Is there any chance it could still come in time for you to travel with your group? I'm thinking of you.