Thursday, July 19, 2007

Big Time Living!

Life in our neck of the woods has been busy. It has really been a great summer so far. It is amazing to think we are counting down now. Here are a few of the things that have been keeping us busy.

  1. James is getting braces. WOW! We have visited the orthodontist, scheduled appointments and are getting ready for the added monthly expense. His poor teeth are a mess. They are crowded and coming in wherever they can find a spot. He will officially become a brace face on 8\16..just a few days before starting 5th (gulp) grade!
  2. Swimming, park and friends, oh my! We have been partaking in all things summer. We have been swimming almost daily in our community pool. We have been swimming at friend's homes, too. I think we may be a little waterlogged. We have also been heading to the park in our neigborhood after dinner many evenings. We all hop into the golf cart and spend a hour playing.
  3. Are you sitting down... ready? I actually played tennis the other night. Don't faint. It was... fun... and exhausting. It felt good and awkward all at the same time.
  4. We bought furniture for our lanai on clearance at Target! Woohoo! We love it. It was 50% off. We opened a Target account and got another 10% off. Got to love deals!
  5. We bought a backseat for the golf cart. Now, those of you who don't know us need to know we do NOT live in a golf community. Many families in our neighborhood have golf carts to get around the neigborhood in. We use our almost daily. Now, we did not spend big bucks on the cart. We bought it for a whopping $100! Jerry considers this his pet project right now....painting it, having a decal thingy made for the front, reupolstering the seat... now adding the back seat. I am telling you... if he could snuggle that thing in bed, he would. He LOVES the golf cart!
  6. Madeline is teething... AGAIN! She is not sleeping well... and therefore neither am I. It breaks my heart to see her in pain and struggling. She will point to her mouth and say "owww" over and over again. Poor baby!
  7. We are getting landscape edging installed in the front of our home. It is going to look so nice! We can't wait
  8. James and I are going to see the new Harry Potter movie tomorrow night with my friend Maeve and her son, Tyler. James and Tyler are becoming good friends. This is a nice perk for Maeve and I.
  9. James' new Harry Potter book will arrive tomorrow! He is so excited! He has been reading a ton this summer. He is actually trying to quickly finish the third Gregor book before his Harry Potter book arrives tomorrow.
  10. Riley is really into doing two things every day. First, he loves to pretend he is hibernating. He will climb into the pantry, shut the door and snore. He will randomly announce, "I'm hibernating, Mama." Second, every day he pretends to marry me. Well actually, yesterday he had to marry Donald Duck first, then he married me. There is nothing that melts my heart more than when my little guy tells me, "I'm going to marry you today, Mama." It is so sweet!
  11. James will be testing for his blue belt in karate next week! We are so proud of him!
  12. Riley is registered for Kindergarten. I think I had to breath into a paper bag to deal with the fear. How did he get this old?
  13. Madeline LOVES to whisper. It is adorable.

Now.... for the biggie!!

Jerry and I actually went out... and left the kids with a babysitters Before last week they had only stayed with family when we went out. Jerry has a very difficult time with the whole babysitter stuff. One of the collegiates from AOII came over and stayed with the kids. It was so nice. I am hoping we can do this again soon!

Well.. that is just some of the excitement around here lately.


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