Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sisters to the Rescue!

Jerry and I have been on a mad hunt for baby sitters. We...meaning Jerry.. weren't comfortable with using high school students. So.... we were really at a bad spot. When my parents aren't available we didn't have a sitter. This was not fun.

Now, I am the VP of the Corporation Board for AOII at USF. I have been in this position for three years... though it has not required me to have a lot of contact on a regular basis with the collegiates... it has allowed me to help from home as needed. I have recently taken on more responsibility and I LOVE it!

Moving on....

So, I fired off an email to the Property Manager at the house. I asked her if she thought any of sisters would be interested in babysitting.

Are you ready.....

-within 24 hours I had 4 responses!! YIPEE!!!! One sister is even going to sit this Saturday night! Woohooo!!!

I have to tell you... what a great feeling to know my sisters are there for me and my family. There is a comfort in knowing a sister will be staying with my children. I know they will be in good hands.

When I went away to college I never imagined myself in a fraternal organization. Heck, I went through Rush just to keep a friend company who wanted to join a sorority. I ended up joining and she ended up dropping out!!

Now, still.... I love AOII. It has brought me friendships, support, encouragement and confidence. I can be out to dinner with my family wearing my letters and be approached by another sister. The bond is instant. The bond is real and true.

My sisters are there for me... and I am there for them. What a gift!

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