Tuesday, July 10, 2007

This is more of a therapeutic post. It is one of those things that I just need to "talk" about in order to try to figure things out. This is a long story, so I won't be offended if no one reads beyond this first paragraph. It is a true story. One that still effects my ability to trust and have riends to this day.

In 1981 I entered high school. I attended a small Catholic high school. About 70% of my class all went to elementary and middle school together. We knew each other well. I wanted to meet new people... really experience high school so that it would be different from middle and elementary school. The first week of school I met this very shy girl. She was very sweet and kind. She had a sense of humor few would be lucky enough to get to know. I really liked this girl. We became fast friends. I think she liked me for my outgoing, wacky ways as much as I liked her for her reflective ways. We were an odd pair, but it worked. We remained best friends all through high school.

As we entered our college years I went away to school. She stayed home and attended the local community college. We spent our vacations together. We still remained close even though we only saw each other when I was home from school. I joined AOII and made new friends. Yet, my HS friend and I remained close.

After college I got married. A year later my friend got married. Our husbands became friends. We felt so lucky that our lives had grown and changed in so many ways yet our friendship was still strong.

A few years later our circle of friends grew to about 8 couples. Nonetof us had kids. We spent at least one weekend night each week together. These were such fun and crazy times. What a crazy bunch we were.

Then something happened.

This was almost 12 years ago... but I remember it still so well. I still am hurt. It changed EVERYTHING. It changed me. It changed my ability to trust. It changed my self confidence. It taught me to be cautious. It taught me to think. It taught me alot about friendship and expectations.

I will continue this story soon.......

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By the way, your 3 children are lovely!