Friday, October 19, 2007

Update #1 - Madeline

I thought I would do updates by family member. It has been unbelievably crazy here.

Madeline is now 23 months old. She is really starting to say so many things. She is loud and boisterous and just full of fun. She loves to sing songs and play games. Madeline is in love with shoes and socks. She loves to pick out clothes from her dresser and closet. This is just so different from the boys!

Madeline has been battling a few issues the past month or so, as well. First, she has been having a terrible time sleeping. She has been up about 4 nights a week. No tears... just screaming for me. I go in and soothe her. If she is just calling for me, but not out of control, I don't say a word of pick her up. When she is really losing it I will hold her and rock her until she calms down. I never put her down asleep because I don't want to trick her.

Madeline has also been battling some crazy bumpy rash on her arms and legs. We have been to the doctor, tried medicines to no avail. We go back to the doctor today and will be sent to a dermatologist. While at the doctor today we will also go ahead and have her two year old check up. She will be getting some immunizations, so that should be fun. (NOT!)

We are also in the process of changing daycare providers. Madeline has been bit... are you ready for this???.... 7 times since school started. I can't even believe I am typing it. It seems so surreal. We had been very happy with the daycare provider last year, but geesh, this is just not acceptable. Believe it or not, she was actually bit three times in two days by the same child. My stomach hurts just thinking about it. She will start at the new place on Monday. It just has to be better. I feel terrible about having to work already.... and then to have her hurt repeatedly just kills me.

We took Madeline for her first real haircut a few weeks ago. Previously I had just trimmed her bangs. Her hair is now thick enough to need real haircuts. The kicker is... she HATES it. She yelled the entire time. We even took her to one of those cool kid places where they sit in the little cars and such. She wanted nothing to do with the haircut. She loved the little car, but when the lady came towards her with the scissors... ummm.. that was less than pleasant. I am crossing my fingers that she will outgrow this stage quickly since she has this head full of beautiful hair! (She also hates to have her fingernails cut. She doesn't mind her toenails... just the fingernails. She doesn't sleep deep enough for me to cut them when she is snoozing. So it takes a full day of one finger here, one finger there to get her nails cut. Big fun. HA!)

We are in the process of getting Madeline's US passport. The difficult part of this process is that she HATES having her picture taken. We have, thus far, been unsuccessful in getting a shot that will be acceptable. This is a problem because we are going out of the country in December. If anyone has any hints on how to pull this off, please let me know. Bribes don't work with Miss M.

Madeline came home in January wearing 9 month sized clothing. Now, she is almost exclusively in 24 month size. It is unreal how my girl has grown! She is just amazing. We really think she will be taller than Riley when they are adults. At 28 months old, 18 month sized clothing was falling off of him. I can't wait to see how tall and how much she weighs at the doctor today!

Madeline LOVES to play outside, ride on her riding toys, ride on the little scooter, kick or throw a ball.. and try to catch it too. She thinks washing dishes is a blast! She is terrified of the vacuum cleaner and the lawn mower. She enjoys playing with her brothers and ordering them around. She has them right where she wants them! Any time Madeline thinks she may have a boo boo, everyone MUST kiss it. Some of us are more accommodating than others. She persists until all kisses have been administered.

It is hard to believe we are coming up on one year since referral. In some ways it feels like she has been home forever. In other ways it feels like she has been in my arms mere seconds. Everyone who meets her instantly is captivated by her cuteness and personality. She just has a way of drawing people in. Charismatic is an understatement!

I am sure there are many other things I am not remembering since she is such a dynamic gal. We love her so much. She has put such a smile on our collective faces. Our days are richer because of her.

More to come.........

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