Monday, March 03, 2008

Crossing My Fingers

Well, my sweet Miss M has decided she rather likes the potty. Yesterday, totally on her own, she asked to sit on the potty twice. BOTH times she emptied her bladder!!!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!! We danced and sang the peepee in the potty song. It was glorious! She was so proud... and rightfully so. Wow! I am thinking if we really start trying this potty thing on a regular basis she may potty train fairly quickly.

She is just growing up so quickly. Madeline has decided she does not want to be called Maddie at all. If anyone breaks this new rule she will not hesitate to correct you by saying.. No Maddie, I Madeline. Such a little thing yet so opinionated. This whole language explosion is great... but with a greater vocabulary comes the ability to make our thoughts known especially when we disagree.

My girl is growing taller by the minute. A year ago she was in 9 month sized clothing. Now she completely fills out 24 month sized clothing. We really think she will ultimately be taller than Riley. She has big feet, long legs and is just a solid kid for her age as compared to US growth charts. She is no wilting daisy.

Madeline is starting to ask for me to do things with her hair. She will generally leave it alone unless she is bored in the car seat or in her crib. Otherwise she likes to have her hair done up. Now, as she gets older I see this becoming a problem. For anyone who knows me well... they know... I am rather hair challenged. I am not a froofroo hair thingy kind of gal. I can brush my hair and put a schrunchie in it and that is about it. I am not kidding. I almost burnt down the house using a blow dryer. I have a flat iron because it was a gift. I have no clue how to use it. As long as M. is content with a barrette or pony tails we are good. Beyond that I may have to go to beauty school.... I have this big fear of being like Frenchy in Grease... a beauty school drop out. I don't want to embarass my girl, but hair stuff is truly beyond my abilities.

Hey... does anyone know if it is easier if I let her bangs grow out? I am thinking it would be so cute with them pulled back to one side... but don't know if I am opening a whole new hair care bag of worms. Advice is greatly appreciated.

By the way.... I am LOVING having a daughter. My boys are so all mine. Madeline is a Daddy's girl. This is new to me. The boys always choose me first. Madeline is all Jerry's. It is so different. I love trying to figure out of these girly things. She is so worth it.


B-squared said...

Wow! Congrats on the potty success! K tells after the deed and is content with that so far. :-( Maybe soon she'll get in the mood. But probably not.
As for hair, I'm no help either. Even more, I'm dreading the thought of Keira actually wanting to wear make-up someday. I don't really wear any, so I'll definitely be hurting in that regard. I can help her pick out books, though. ;-)
Take care. Have a good week!

Jennilu said...

OK here's my advise on the whole bangs/no bangs issue. When Kaylea was little and first had hair, we kept bangs cut. Then one day I decided I was tired of the maintenance and we would let them grow. What a pain, but it was so worth it. Then a couple of years ago, she decided she wanted something different and asked if she could have bangs again. I must have been brain dead because I agreed. Not long after, she was tired of them and I was tired of fighting her cowlick and we had to grow them out AGAIN. I guess the advise I am trying to give is, let them grow out and never cut them again. With you hair styling challenges (how'd ya like the way I phrased that?)all one length will be a lot easier in the long run. Just buy lots of little barrettes in all sizes and the tiny little clippies to hold the stuff back out of her eyes until it gets long enough put in a ponytail. Then your home free!!!!