Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Friday!!

I am doing the Happy Dance... you know... the one that Snoopy does as he jumps for joy. His little toes wiggling under him, head up and ears happy. It is FRIDAY! The first week of state testing is done. Madeline is on day two of the Great Diaper Denial. She is loving the free feeling of panties! Last night as I was getting ready to lay her down in her bed she took my face in her little, soft hands. Then she pulled our faces together, noses touching. She whispered softly the following into my face... "Morning Madeline PeePee Potty." She was making sure I understood that this diaper I had put on her for bed time was NOT staying. She was not happy about having to wear it to bed, but understood she had no choice. She also understood that wearing panties tomorrow was the choice she was making. What a big girl!

I love the weekends. I love spending time with my family. I love sleeping in. I love snuggling in the late morning with my kids... though Riley is really the big morning cuddler. I love standing outside, watching the kids play and chatting with my neighbors. It is just my favorite part of the week.

The hustle and bustle is still there on the weekends with birthday parties, practices, shopping and more... but doing those things with my family makes it so much easier. I think that I am very lucky. Jerry and I have been together now for 22 years... and we still love spending time together. We still make each other laugh. We still drive each other bonkers. We still enjoy being each others friend. I think, most of all, we LOVE being parents together. Our kids just mean the world to us. They are our greatest achievement.


Jennilu said...

22 years - ya don't say. Man we are OLD!!!!!!!!

Mary said...

We are VERY old! haha Jerry and I started dating in 1986 and were married in 1990. It seems like just yesterday and forever all at once. We are very, very blessed.

I have known YOU for 20 years!!! That is amazing!!!!