Thursday, June 25, 2009

Did They Share the Adventure? - Day 2

Day Two... not really sure what to write. I can't believe today happened the way it did. It was not what I expected but more what I feared.

I have been waffling back and forth as to what to write. You see, today was... difficult. I don't regret going to IC today. I am glad I went. I just had an experience that taught me a lot... and showed the side of me I like to hide.

I was alone in a room full of sisters.

Maybe I will explain more later. Maybe I won't.

I have faith that tomorrow will be better.


Jennilu said...

I love you!!!!!! No, we weren't in a soritiy together, but we are a closer kind of sister! We are the kind that stay together through trials and tribulations and just living. You are my sister for sure!


Mommy of two said...

I'm so glad to have finally met you face to face....I wish we had more time to chat and really have some "face time". Please know that if you ever for any reason want to chat about Day 2 blog you know you can call me - I'm a pretty good listener and was there too so you wouldn't have to do too much back story. :) Love and Roses to my favorite online sister!