Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I can't wait to see who is included in this next batch of referrals. It is getting closer!!

This morning when Riley woke up... the very first thing he said was.... "I want Maddie." He was half asleep, eyes barely open and he was thinking about his sister. He talks about her all the time lately.

Yesterday he said, Riley from China... yes, Mama... no, Dada... no, James... no, Maddie.... yes, Riley.. yes!! He was just kind of listing whether we were each from China. It melted my heart!! He is really a sweet little boy.

James is equally excited. His only request is that this time he wants a baby that is "holdable". I guess a strong willed two and a half year old brother when he came home wasn't quite holdable enough!!

Jerry is thinking that being referred another two year old would not be a bad thing at all. He said Riley was the perfect age... walking right out of the box. Right now the thought of carrying a little one around isn't as desireable as a two year old... I think his opinion would change QUICKLY if he had to chase a 4 year old and a 2 year old around. Having one a little less mobile would probably become quite desireable, very quickly.

Me... I am just ready. Sometimes I just feel her in my heart... so close... so needing me. Sometimes I miss her. It seems odd to think that I miss someone I haven't met... but somewhere deep down inside I know she is waiting. I miss her. I am ready to bring my daughter home... I don't care if she is holdable, walking ... just that she is home, in my arms feeling very loved and secure.


Mommy Spice said...

I found your blog when I was browsing at who else put The Lost Daughters of China as one of their favorite books. I see you are waiting for your next referal. My husband and I are blessed with our precious Hunan Spicy Girl, who is now 3, and we've just begun the paper chase for Mei-Mei. I remember how long it took to get Spicy Girl, and I know we have just begun that loooong journey again. I can't wait! What agency are you using? We are with CCAI. Come by my blog and check out our Spicy Girl.

B-squared said...

Are we there yet?? (said in my best whiny-child-on-vacation voice!)
Cute story about Riley. Can't wait to meet your boys in China. And I hope that happens soon!
Have a great weekend!