Sunday, December 10, 2006

Taking Some Time

The past few days I have been taking some time to try to focus. It seems that everything has been so crazy that focus has been somehow lost. I have been shopping, packing, cooking... all of the things that need to be done no matter when we travel. It has been a very good thing.

Today my mother came over and we made a huge batch of sauce. We are working on filling our freezer with easy meals for when we come home. It was so nice to have this time with her. Riley was asleep and James was off busy being ten. My mother and I had a few uninterrupted hours. When she left all I could think about was that one day I would have that same time with Miss M. I will spend time with her, one on one, just us girls. It doesn't have to be fun and giggly time... just time to talk and share. I can't wait!

The boys and I took a ride to the airport today. We went to the currency exchange office and changed some US money for RMB's. That was pretty cool. We then ate lunch in the airport watching the planes taking off. We talked about the fact that the next time we go to the airport it will be to fly to China. It was such a great way to talk and plan and dream of what is to come. We left the airport just feeling good about the time we spent with each other.

I have done everything in my power to just step back from the stress. It started to take over my life. That is not a good thing. I can do absolutely nothing to make this situation better, but I can keep living and being a good mother to my boys.

It has been a great weekend of just taking some time... to be a family.


Julie said...

Full of grace and dignity, that's you! What a wonderful gift to have two great boys to keep your mind the positive side.

Hang in there...

Mommy Spice said...

Good for you! The airport trip was a great idea.